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Originally Posted by Inik View Post
Holy cow! a quick google search...and all he posts = Nvidia bashing and 7970 protector...
I have nothing against Nvidia. They are the dominant graphics company with a great track record of excellent GPUs like G80, GF110. My opinions are that the GTX 680 can be made to look better than it really is. All it needs is careful selection of games and benchmark scenarios.

Rcapitulatif des performances - Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 en test -

You can take a look at that website. The demanding games they chose like Alan Wake, Witcher 2 Enhanced edition, Anno 2070, Metro 2033, Crysis 2 portray the HD 7970 in different light. Other than Metro 2033 the rest of the games released in the last 12 months and are quite popular.

The GTX 680 is a good gaming card. Its efficiency is at the cost of compute performance. So it depends on how somebody evaluates a certain chip or card. Nvidia has a massive lead in GPGPU and the professional GPU markets like HPC, Workstations. AMD needs to catch up and thats what its doing with GCN and HD 7970.

AMD's product goals for Tahiti are much different from Nvidia's for GK104. AMD needs to lay the groundwork for HSA and the their future roadmap with GCN. One of the important features with GCN is excellent GPGPU performance with OpenCL and DirectCompute. The future APUs from 2013 will integrate the GCN architecture in their APUs. AMD cannot compromise on GPGPU and HSA features because thats going to be their strength and differentiation from Intel.

AMD and Adobe(R) Creative Suite(R) 6 Innovate With OpenCL(TM) and GPU Acceleration - MarketWatch

I am clear of my opinions. Nvidia's GK104 is a good chip for gaming. When HD 7970 and GTX 680 are both overclocked the HD 7970 will win more games than lose, especially when you look at the most demanding games which struggle to hit 50 fps at 2560 x 1600 maxed out.
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