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Originally Posted by Grampa View Post
Yeah... bit of a shame to me. ASUS & Gigabyte, have both started to remove firewire ports from the motherboard products the past 2 years. (some motherboards still had them on P67, Z68 chipsets, but not all)

I still see them very prevalent on the Asrock products though! and they're quite a good value considering the features you get for the price.

In short, you want firewire on your new build? you'll have to add a card inside your pci slot or get a motherboard that still supports it.
Well there's still a fair enough selection in the ATX boards. But it's getting tough for the smaller boards.
I've got another thread looking for a mini itx board with a minimum of 3 sata 6Gb/s connectors. isn't happening on Intel yet. And when it finally does, there probably isn't going to be a firewire connector to be found.

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