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Its funny...but I am the exact opposite. Give me a LARGE case with NO 3.5" internal drive bays...and ALL 5.25" external drive bays! I prefer 4in3 bay adapters for my 3.5" drives as 1)they dampen vibrations a LOT better than stock 3.5 bays 2) they are mounted in the right direction and dont screw up internal airflow (loathe this 90° fad for the hdd mounting orientation) 3) allow me to EASILY add additional 120mm fans to the front 4) allow me to choose how many drive bays will be used for 3.5 and 5.25 devices....and give me TEN of I can use THREE 4in3 adapters for 12 hdds and still have room for 5.25 ODD on top....if I am wishing for the perfect mega case...add in support for a couple 2.5" ssds to be mounted somewhere inside that doesnt block the 5.25 bays, fan locations, psu or long GPUs....and give me XL-ATX support....and native USB 3.0 support (SIX o EIGHT ports...not two and forget the USB 2.0 ports) on the TOP not the front of the case....and a fan controller which can handle a LOT of wattage built in....and a removeable mobo tray...and dual big boy fans on the top with a fascia that isnt ugly nor increases the static pressure requirements of the fans...AND externally removable fan filters INCLUDING one for the PSU that isnt a PITA to reinstall.

As for windows...meh. I rather a good solid side panel with room for FOUR 120mm fans on the side....and make the pannel THICK - none of this pot metal crap - with a GOOD lockup mechanism so there is no vibrations from USING all four 120mm side ports.

Basically an "old school" CM Stacker updated with some nice perks....and all the things that sucked on it 'fixed'. Now THAT is the case I want to see. Build THAT case and I would buy it even it was 3 bills.
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