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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Am I the only one who still wants proper panel uniformity on a TV that costs nearly four large?
I don't think you're the only one.

In our last home, I spent months previewing/demoing different TV's in our theatre room (we've since downsized ) and found the back-light bleed to be a major issue, so I ended up just spending a boatload more on finding a nice projector & screen setup.

I know the majority of consumers may not feel the same & will disagree with me, but I would rather pay more for a quality piece of consumer goods, in this case the television; than to throw the darn thing away every 3-4 years depending on MTBF.
Most people would rather pay $500-$1500 for a cheap poor quality piece than having it last many years. *shrug*

This doesn't help either...
Average HDTV Today Made to Last Only a Few Years

All in the name of making a few bucks extra. (via volume sales)

You know TV makers are having problems maintaining those profits now, because they diluted the market down so much with cheap electronics. (Sony, Samsung, LG come to mind)
Also facing mounting pressure from the low-priced start-ups like Vizio.
My suggestion, if they want to raise prices, fine then do so, BUT, for the love of Jebus, please put in some high quality parts into your goods! and do it within reason.

People will cry & moan, but people will still pay once the word gets out you offer some high quality kit.
You build it, they will come. (I'm looking at you Sony, Samsung, LG and anyone else whom I've missed!!!)
Just look at Apple.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
*** snip ***

Forgive my language but I don't give two shits about how thick the damn thing is, nor how many pointless features it has. Give me picture quality or you can take your 3D TV and cram it where the sun don't shine.

As you can tell, I'm in the market for a HDTV and I'm completely fed up with being taken for an idiot by the manufacturers.

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