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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
What are the symptoms?

Reason I'm asking is that we've seen 3 Nic failure threads over the last week and a bit, and that's more than I remember over the whole time that I've been here.... I suspect something funky is going on on the software side of things. (last one apparently was "fixed" by uninstalling/reinstalling both IE and Firefox.

Well for around a month or so i'd be tryin to do some uploading & my connection would keep dropping & more so like yesterday it crapped out 5-6 times, partialy sites where goin thru ... So today earlier in the day I decided to throw my old D-link pci nic in & not had any issue's with it since. The boards I think almost 2 yrs old i think? ... I also remember there being issue's with the realtek lan drivers as well .. which I cant fully conclude/confirm is the issue or not.
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