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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
It is because a high end PC will crush anything that is made for 360/720... don't forget a 360 runs at 720p max and a lot of games are even less namely the COD series. They really aren't that well optimized they just run at low resolutions and people who sit far away from their screens never notice. It is a major misconception that xbox's actually run games at 720p.

DX9 xbox games don't even challenge a good PC system. If you read the entire thread you would see that our problem is not with consoles because without them we would have a lot less games being produced. It's the fact that companies won't even put the effort in to making a higher end version that PC users can play.
even if they run at 720p or sub 720p, this is still an old, slow gpu in there, and the kind of GFX you can get out of it, is fairly decent. Look at some games like forza 2/3/4, The Witcher 2, BF3, all of them look very good coming out of a 360, sure not as good as the pc, but considering the GPUs in the PC are 5-6 generations ahead, it's not surprising.
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