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My System Specs


Its all great. A few points to ponder on the cost front, but its really good to go if you don't mind the cost.

1) For what this computer will be used for 8gb ram is plenty. You could always buy more down the road if it became limiting, instead of buying it upfront and possibly never needing it.

2) Onboard sound is actually very very good now. My suggestion would be to buy and build your computer (without a sound card) and try it out. If you then find the sound is not what you want it to be it is all to easy to then purchase a sound card and install it.

3) The H100 is a great cooler, but you didn't mention if you will be overclocking or not. If you will be going for max OC then stick with the H100. Otherwise I would go to a quality air cooler that will run within a degree or 2 of the H100, cost less, and generate less noise.

4) i5 3570k will get you the same gaming performance as the i7 3770k for less money. Hyperthreading only makes a difference in highly threaded apps. That said the i7 is great and if you have the extra approx $100 laying around its not going to hurt.

5) Power supply is great, but if you may add a second graphics card you should go for the 850w version. Otherwise stick with the 650w.
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