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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Very easy.

They use the BUILT IN BENCHMARK while we use an actual in-game sequence. AMD has optimized their latest driver stack for the somewhat unique conditions in the benchmark, hence the improvement. IN game, there is no improvement whatsoever.

HOWEVER, this brings me to my next point. You will notice in the GTX 690 reviews that used Batman: AC + the built in benchmark that many sites listed VERY poor performance for the HD 7900-series Crossfire solutions. In our GTX 690 review, AMD's cards scaled very well. Once again this is the difference between using the benchmark versus an actual in game experience.

Thanks for bringing it up though since I totally forgot to mention anything about it.

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I have it on record from a HD 7970 CF user. The latest Batman patch has improved in game performance substantially. So what do you say now . caught with your hand in the Nvidia cookie jar
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