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Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post
As I see from your GTX 670 charts the performance od HD 7970 and HD 7950 in Batman Arkham city has not changed a bit. You have mentioned Catalyst 12.4 as your driver software for HD 7900 series. Websites like legitreviews, hexus, anandtech have shown the HD 7970 gain significant performance in Batman at 4X AA and 8X AA. They have also mentioned the catalyst 12.4 drivers as the reason for the improved performance. I cannot believe that your benchmarks alone did not see any performance improvement with Catalyst 12.4. Is this is a clear cut case of either gross negligence in failing to update the true results in the review charts or is it just a plain pro Nvidia paid review.
I'd like to thank you for signing up all the way from India just to call into question SKYMTL's integrity. Welcome to the boards.
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