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Default mobo/cpu for new HTPC?

I want to change out the mobo/cpu in my current HTPC. I was looking into doing this quite a while ago and wanted to go 100% passively cooled no moving parts. At the time I was looking using the Asus E35M1-Pro. My current case can fit a uATX and I want the card slots too so mITX is out. Looking to get back on theis project I noticed a few things that seem odd. 1.) stock of these seems to be drying up and some places that had it before don't even list it now. 2.) there doesn't seem to be any new products on this front, sure there's mITX but I think Asus is the only one that offers (an aging or EOL?) uATX version.

Is there a new platform for this type of setup that I'm not aware of? or did this type of product just bomb in the market not making it worth it for manufacturers to pursue it?

Thanks for any advice!
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