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My System Specs


You MAY be able to work with universal block.

Way cheaper than a full cover block (even with the added cost of ram and vrm cooling) and you can fit them on almost any gpu, with some modding sometimes.

Downsides are it is uglier than a full cover (your opinion is as good as mine on this one), not everything is cooled (if you forget to cool the memory or vrm area properly, you'll have a pretty expensive paperweight in no time!) and multicard solution is really a mess of tubing.

My three gtx 460 are cooled using Swiftech MCW 60 gpu block. Drilling 4 holes was all the modding required for them to fit. 15$ of copper heatsink for the memory and vrm (which were not cooled by any heatsink anyways) was all that was needed. 45c while folding on the hottest core is quite good if you ask me!
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