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Angry Really badly need help! - Computer Fan Failure):

Okay, so I'm new to all this computer modding and custom case stuff, and I've placed a design on my case which I want and everything there is great, although I was messing around with the back fan with a friend trying to connect some LEDs and it didn't turn out at we had planned.
At first they only lit up when I booted my computer up, a few seconds they lasted then went off..
So we played around some more and it made a sort of popping noise or simply went boom and a little smoke came off the fan or the circuit board I'm not too sure which one but now the fan won't spin.
Thinking it might have just been the fan that had broke I went ahead and bought myself a new fan however I've just connected it and booted my computer up and again it's not spinning which leaves me with the idea it's something on my motherboard?
Is anyone able to help me please it's really annoyed me):

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