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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Herne View Post
Most people don't play games. Of those that do, many don't play game these can't handle. Of those remaining who do play games, many can afford a laptop and a pc with the focus on the mobile machine to be mobile. If I am schlepping a laptop to customer sites the last thing I care about is FPS.
This. If you're buying a laptop for gaming, then obviously you wouldn't be looking at ultraportables to begin with.

Slimline notebook, ultrabooks, whatever the hell people want to call them, were aimed at the market of people tired of carrying around massive machines when 90% of the work they do doesn't require it. During college I would've loved going around with a much smaller laptop, considering I rarely used it for more than note taking and maybe the occational Street Fighter 3 when I was bored in class.

Are you getting less hardware for your cash? Maybe. But until they find a cheaper way of manufacturing that stuff in a very small form factor, prices will always be this way.
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