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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
It is the size and weight that get peoples attention. And considering they are coming with i7's they have the power of the larger ones as well. Of course the graphics are not what you can get with the larger ones but still for the vast majority of people out there size, weight, and battery life is what rules the decision when it comes to buying a machine.
Or particularly when buying a laptop. Most people don't play games. Of those that do, many don't play game these can't handle. Of those remaining who do play games, many can afford a laptop and a pc with the focus on the mobile machine to be mobile. If I am schlepping a laptop to customer sites the last thing I care about is FPS.

I overall dislike and distrust Apple, but a $799 MBA would be huge. Their biggest risk is devaluing their other products (like the $45K Jaguar X-type)
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