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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
To me, you pay more for less is how I would simply put it. I spent $500 on my Acer 3820TG laptop and I easily get 6h battery life on it. Can play games if I want thanks to ATI switchable graphics, and it's very light at roughly 3-4lbs.
Like people are saying the thing with the ultrabooks is the thin and light nature of them. I know you are saying that your Acer is light but it is 3.9 pounds where the Toshiba Z830 is only 2.46 pounds and the Asus Zenbook is 2.9 pounds. Plus the Acer is 29mm thick with the Z830 comes in at 15.9mm and then the Zenbook at 9mm. So yours is "heavy and big" compared to those ones.

It is the size and weight that get peoples attention. And considering they are coming with i7's they have the power of the larger ones as well. Of course the graphics are not what you can get with the larger ones but still for the vast majority of people out there size, weight, and battery life is what rules the decision when it comes to buying a machine.
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