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Originally Posted by Jebusman View Post
The Macbook Air devalued the Macbook Air. It was way too expensive to begin with. If anything, this is Apple coming to terms with the rest of the world. It all depends on what the specifications are for this rumored new one.
I might not like Apple, but I assume there's the intangible value accosted to an Apple product. Brand recognition, relatively build of decent quality, and customer service. If your MBA is ever damaged or broken, they take it in no questions asked to either fix/replace almost immediately in-store or prepaid shipping. Dead pixels? They're more than willing to let you check and keep opening as many as you want if they happen to have a bad batch.

That can't be said for the consumer level laptops and the majority of the vendors for PC. Considering an Asus Ultrabook costing $200 less, I would personally choose the MBA considering the poor quality of the Zenbook line and for the added value in other areas. Even my $3000 loaded Sony flagship Z series (this is far too expensive for what it is, but I don't care) doesn't even make Sony bend over a bit and pay for shipping fees. Service/support is atrocious to deal with and they act as if I'm incompetent and attempting to defraud them. The only PC vendor that ever came close to Apple for me was HP's business line. My monitor had a faulty AC adapter which they shipped for same-day delivery in Toronto. I had it on my office's doorstep at 4PM. Now that's service.

Whether or not a MBA is overpriced is questionable considering it was priced and released earlier than a comparable competitor such as a Zenbook.
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