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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ottawaMayn View Post
I disagree.

Nvidia does not have the best driver support.
While your free to disagree and have your own personal opinion.. I've found through my own experiences and those of others(here and elsewhere):

That I have never had a problem in any single game with nvidia.. (not to say that EVERY driver they have ever released has been perfect)
With my last radion I had artifacting in many games.. had to roll back drivers about every second release.. I've only ever rolled back 1 nvidia driver.
also AA runs like a dog on them compared to an equivalent nvidia..

Price - performance of AMD vs nvidia is no where near where it used to be (and the new 6xx cards beat AMD hands down at every level.. Price, performance, heat, power, noise..)

AMD are so slow with the profiles for x-fire that it's months before new titles are added..
Check out the comments from the 690 review on some of the AMD problems...

Nvidia release better drivers than AMD.. In my opinion..

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