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Default Seasonic X660 and the ATX_12V_2x4 connector?

I have the Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H and the Seasonic X660. I have never encountered this problem before, but I can't seem to find the ATX_12V_2x4 connector. I looked at every other cable and for the ones that I have found, it just doesn't fit into the back of the PSU. Some of the connectors have a total of 4 pins, but because 2 of them are slightly detached, it won't fit either the motherboard or the back of the PSU.

I looked at the instruction manual and it doesn't say anything about it. My Gigabyte manual said if that isn't installed, the computer won't start. Does anyone here know what's going on? The 24-port connector is indeed installed and the Seasonic manual make it seem like as if that's all that I need to get it working. Does anyone here know what I'll need to do?
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