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My System Specs


First, love the case..

Second do you have the SSD's or planning on buying them?

my suggestion would be a
z77 Board
intel i5 3570k
GTX 670 (when released on the 10th)
8GB ram
CM 212 cooler
Seasonic, xfx, antec, corsair PSU (all seasonic built ones).. 650 watt for a single card and 850 if you plan to ever do SLI... Not that a 670 will need SLI for quite some time at your resolution..
Something like a WD green for a storage drive (you choose how much you need, suggest 1 TB)
a 120 - 256GB SSD for boot and programs/games if you want one.. Other than load times there is little difference here

That *Should* come in within your budget and last you a few years at least before you even think about any kind of upgrade.., (probably GPU in about 3 yrs or so)
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