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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
If you think multiplayer and competition is a bad thing then that is exactly what is wrong.
Yes, because that is exactly what I said. No, I said EVERYTHING doesn't have to be multiplayer. EVERYTHING. When did I say multiplayer and competition is a bad thing? I'm a regular SC2/LoL/DOTA2/Street Fighter player, and those wouldn't be alive without multiplayer. Thank you for starting off your argument with misquoting me. I appreciate it. Really makes me value your opinion. Those strawman arguments are getting real popular nowadays.

Fact of the matter is I don't get any enjoyment of playing a single player game interacting with some shitty AI
How about you stop playing single player games with shitty AI? Just a thought.

It's the same shit recycled and remade just like music and movies.
Because the entirety of the COD series from 4 onwards isn't the same shit recycled. Because MMOs don't come and go with the same shit day after day, year after year (and more than likely, TES Online will as well) Seriously.

You can thank me when a real sandbox hardcore MMO becomes popular actually
I'll welcome that day as well. But I'm telling you, it's not going to be TES Online.

Sounds like you got a serious case of nerd rage there Jebus telling me to piss off over saying that single player is played out. I guess maybe you are far inferior to these shitty AI's and they still pose a challenge to you. Keep on trying buddy, you'll beat (insert game on hardest setting here) eventually.
Attacks on my character? For shame.

I didn't realize "piss off" was the equivalent of telling you to go **** yourself. Next time I'll choose my words more carefully.

Multiplayer has it's place in gaming, as does single player. Saying one or the other needs to go is a retarded idea. But not EVERY SINGLE FRANCHISE needs to become an MMO. Not EVERY SINGLE FRANCHISE has to have a multiplayer component. I never said there should never be any multiplayer or MMOs. The world isn't that black and white as you apparently want it to be.

So how about next time, you actually read my post before you attack me. I would've loved if you actually genuinely argued with me, not attack my character and my post with a misquoted statement.
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