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My System Specs


Well the GTX 680 is plenty fast unless you run three monitors at 5760 x 1080 0r 1200 or rich enough to have three 30" monitors at 7680 x1600 .The GTX 690 looks to be one fast card.The HD 7970 and 7950 look good too,I just wish AMD would do a better job on the drivers.What I want to see is the GTX 670 and hope it is good as a GTX 470 was to a GTX 480 and price it at $350 .I know that wishful thinking. I can't believe the GTX-690 was at newegg,but for $1200 that is just ridiculous and I wonder if they had more then 10 to sell.The GTX-680 at $499 was not to bad ,but still high and now nearly ever site that has any in stock has increase the price to $650.I am not about to pay $150 over retail.I was looking at the HD 7950's but I keep hearing about the drivers in reviews and on fourms.I know I will wait until the GTX-670 come out.My GTX-470's have been good to me I thought I had had them longer then just around two years.I thought I got them when I got my i7-920 and EX58-UD5 ,man I had them nearly four years and it still a strong competitor occourse I had it clocked at 4.2gigs from day one,but I compared my benchmarks with my i7-3820 at 4.2gigs and it is only around 3% better in games.I guess I need to sell that set-up and let someone have a good deal.My GTX-470's are starting to show there age tho.with running them in TRi -SLI it is faster then a GTX-680 ,but they use a lot of power.They will do 14,535 in 3DMark 11 and 52,581 in 3DMark Vantage.But I am ready for just two cards like a GTX-670 that will use less power and less heat.
Intel-i7-3820+Corsair H-100+Gigabyte X79-UD5+16g G.Skill 1666DDR3+256g Crucial-SSD+1-3TB Seagate+2-1TB-Samsung+1-640g- WesternDigtal+SLI-ASUS DIRECT CU II GTX-670+LG-12x Blurner+Logtech G9x-mouse+G-110-keyboard+Driving Force GT Wheel+Pioneer VSX-1020K+Polk Audio Speakers+LG-50"Plasma PM6700+Antec-P280+XFX 850w PRO Semi-Modular

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