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My System Specs


90-128Gb for OS(mainly so you do not have to watch what you put on it, i.e antivirus, drivers, auxilary programs etc, that and the 90-128 tend to be faster then thier 60gb counterparts) and if you want, a second 120-240gb for all you extra like multiple games, movies, music etc, so you can keep all the crap off the OS drive so it retains it speed for a longer period of time. Always good to have a mechanical drive though, nothing fancy, just for the stuff you do not use often, backups etc. Good idea to have 1 paging file per drive installed on you system, this does not matter near as much with SSD as it does with HDD, but it can definately keep everything constantly fast.

Small SSD for caching can be a good idea sometimes, however, the larger drives tend to also be less costly per gb the 120-240 seem to be the sweet spot for price/performance, the 32gb(example) tend to be quite expensive for the speed you are gaining in return. Better to just have a small SSD for OS use only(I have 60gb for OS, with careful use I have been able to keep 20gb+ usable so 1 maybe 2 games tops can fit on there, but am using my WD CB 640 for my game drive, and I am tickled pink with the speed all around, partitioning/paging files, and carefull part managment makes a WORLD of difference in the snappiness of the system)
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