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My System Specs


There is also the one I am using. Coolermaster Inferno its size is very close to the same as MX518, but a tad larger side to side and front to back as well as taller but only by a few MM. The mouse skates are very slick and quite a bit harder then the 518 had so they should not wear out near as easy. Also it is super configurable 5 settings multiple profiles, basically any way you want to adjust it, it can do it, as well with the profiles on the fly dpi adjustment etc.

I got the Inferno, shipped to my door, here in canada after tax, shipping costs etc for like $38, I think I got it through dell if I can remember correctly. I am sure there is better, but this is a damn great mouse.

Personal opinion. I always loved the size, shaped of 518 just wish it was more adjustable, faster and a bit larger. the CM inferno is exactly all that I wish the 518 was :)
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