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Originally Posted by Jebusman View Post
I just want to begin this post by saying that what you said is quite possibly what is wrong with the gaming community today. I love online connectivity as much as the next guy, but piss off that single player was so 90s. Not everything needs to be an MMO, not everything needs 24/7 online, not everything has to be multiplayer focused. Every day that companies jump on the MMO bandwagon the bubble gets bigger. I'll have to thank you when it finally bursts.
If you think multiplayer and competition is a bad thing then that is exactly what is wrong. Multiplayer is the healthiest thing for a gaming community and esports. Fact of the matter is I don't get any enjoyment of playing a single player game interacting with some shitty AI. I have been gaming since I was 4. It has been a huge part of my life. I feel like I played em all been there done that(80s, 90s, 2k's). It's the same shit recycled and remade just like music and movies. So the only thing that games really have to offer [me] these days is competition, hence the need for multiplayer. Be it street fighter, or starcraft 2 or battlefield 3. None of these are fun to play against AI.

and just fyi I don't play MMO's and I haven't played any for a long time. Obviously because they are all shit. I played WOW for approximately 1 year from the release date and quickly got bored..... long before I quit. So don't assume I am some kind of MMO fanboy. I definitely would be interested checking this out though seeing how big TES series is and the fact that it offers multiplayer.

You can thank me when a real sandbox hardcore MMO becomes popular actually. I am the 1% or less(actually way less) of gamers that played hardcore games like Ultima Online in 98-99 AND STILL WANT TO PLAY IT, having supported and played Darkfail Online and Mortal Online. Real MMO's where you have choices and freedom and consequences. Sadly all these games failed in one way or another, just like your post.

Sounds like you got a serious case of nerd rage there Jebus telling me to piss off over saying that single player is played out. I guess maybe you are far inferior to these shitty AI's and they still pose a challenge to you. Keep on trying buddy, you'll beat (insert game on hardest setting here) eventually.
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