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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
I've never played Skyrim because it is single player and single player is so 90's
I just want to begin this post by saying that what you said is quite possibly what is wrong with the gaming community today. I love online connectivity as much as the next guy, but piss off that single player was so 90s. Not everything needs to be an MMO, not everything needs 24/7 online, not everything has to be multiplayer focused. Every day that companies jump on the MMO bandwagon the bubble gets bigger. I'll have to thank you when it finally bursts.

(If the TORtanic hasn't already done that).

What is wrong with an MMO version of this?
Aside from the huge gamble of trying to release a traditional (and generic) fantasy MMORPG in this day and age on nothing but the strength of it's name (given that this is the team's first MMO), on principle TES was one of the better single player focused series out there. This is not them attempting to evolve the series in a new direction. This is them wanting a piece of that WoW pie.

Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
As long as it's done right and doesn't try to emulate WoW so much I see no problem with a Elder Scrolls MMO. Although I thought they were gonna be doing Fallout Online. I guess they changed their minds and wen with TES instead? At least an apocalyptic MMO would be slightly more original than a fantasy MMO.
TES Online isn't being developed by Bethesda, it's by another inhouse studio called Zenimax Online Studios. It headed by a former dude from Mythic. This is their first MMO.

And you can sure as hell bet it's going to emulate WoW in every way possible. As long as they're upfront about it, that won't affect it. But if they try to prove how different from WoW they are (aka, The Old Republic route), it'll come back to bite them.
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