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Default Company of Heroes 2

I didn't think it would happen, but it is! One of the best RTS ever made is getting a sequel!

Company of Heroes 2 incorporating next year -

Here are some scans from PC Gamer: Photo Album - Imgur

I have over 500 hours of play time with the original (since 2007, relax people). Very few games have kept me interested for so long. If they can keep the core gameplay strong while adding new features, updating the graphics, improving vehicle pathing and of course a fun single player campaign, they will have a winner.

I spent loads of time trying to rank up on the 1vs1 ladder in COH, but I was a little late to the party. When COH 2 comes out, I will have it on release day and get to take part in figuring out strategies for the first time. Too cool!

This new game will focus on the eastern front, so the armies should be totally different. I am expecting the Russians and the Wehramacht, and the wehramacht will be very different from the first game, like new doctrines.

Any other COH fans here?
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