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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there used to be this function, I believe it used to be called "screen saver" or something like that. There has also been some talk about bring the screen saver back with the new V7 client. There are no timelines but they are things that Vijay Pande has put these thoughts on the folding forum. I think that it could work that way.

The built in scheduler works quite well to keep FAH out of the way of other programs. The GPU can cause some lag but the CPU/SMP client works well. if it's being to much of a hog you could always set it to only work at 90%, 86%, 80% ... or at whatever level works best for you

Edit: Just found the same topic being discussed on the folding forum
Folding Forum • View topic - Client Feature Request: Run tasks only when PC idle

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