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I was just like you about 2 years ago when i wanted to try watercooling...

I was a little scared to screw all my precious hardware i had put so much time and money on it. Also, there was the fitting question... Will i be able to make everything fit in the case so that i could move it around ?

Anyway, to make a short story, everything went all superfine! 100 times better than my latest build...Now my latest build is all done and working perfectly fine but it's just that i had to go through a sh!t load of problems and stuff...

I would recommend you to get this: This kit is extremely well awarded over many forums as a good beginners kit. It includes everything you need to get going into watercooling. As well as a manual... It does not include a GPU Waterblock thought. I purchased one separately. It only include a CPU waterblock. The manual\guide can be found on swiftech's website : SwiftTech Choose the product and find the link to the manual\guide.

Performance is where it should be with this kit. Since that time i bought and customized my watercooling set-up many many times. To end up with what you can read in my Sig and see in the gallery section ;)

I have a few pics of my first build with this kit

As you can see, i fitted the rad in the bottom of my Stacker. There was an already almost perfect hole for it... so it didn't required me to cut anything! Later on my next build it would require me to cut the bottom part of the case to fit a bigger rad. Thsi kit comes with a "radbox" which allows you to mount it externally hooked on a rear 120mm fan hole. Anyway, this kit is everything you could want as for a first build!

The best of the best would be to buy parts separately to end up with a custom watercooling set-up as many have in here. (Actually i think we're 4 or 5 ) If you want to go that way im sure everyone that knows something in here will help you make your choice. But with custom set-ups there is no manual... We'll help you out for that too!

PLEASE Don't get a Thermaltake pre-build watercooling kit such as the Bigwater unless you want poor performance, weak pump, cracking CPU blocks and so on with problems...

Last words are that Watercooling is hell of fun to build and makes you proud when it's all done and pimped out!
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