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Default Replacement for MX518

Well its a sad day but my mx518 has become sporadic in regards to its right click, tried cleaning it and checked the contacts and couldnt find anything wrong with it so its time for a replacement for it I think.

I also have a G700 that I got for my laptop but I dont seem to like it as much as the mx518. I need anything with 1000 buttons or infinite sensitivity but it at the very least it must have at least a forwarrd and back button for the thumb and it must be wired. A button that drops the sensitivity right down for the durration of you holding that button would be a bonus for several programs and games. And as always money is always an issue but any recommendations are welcome.

The only looking I've done is at the local futureshop and ncix to see which ones they had on display just to feel them but the selection was very limited. Looking at them online has the limit of just being able to show you specs.
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