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My System Specs

Question 2months of hell with downloads, please answer some questions for me.

Hi guys, "thank you" ahead of time for any replies.
First...the Problem.

I have a p6x58d premium motherboard.
I've had it for 2 years or so, and for the last 2 months I've not been able to post more than 130kb/s downloads in real world usage.
Watching a video on Youtube or trying to download a game from Steam is a painful crawl, and playing online games is sketchy at best (so, I just don't play anymore).'s speedtest shows my downloads to be 50mb/s, which is what my max is from my ISP, but on the other hand, and, both show my downloads to be around 2mb/s. (Shaw being the ISP)
I get the same, max upload speeds, in every test and in each possible setup.
So, my first question is, "Why?"

I've narrowed down a lot of possibilities, here's a quick list:
-Hardware conflicts. I've tested everything...period. All works perfectly.
-Router issues. I have an Mx17 laptop, it runs perfectly over the network. (MTU is set properly)
-ISP connection. When connected directly to the modem, the issue still persists. Even after all of their troubleshooting. Glasnost reported clean posts as well.
-Viruses/Malware. It is a newly formatted hard-drive, but before that, I ran 5 different (and popular) programs in safemode(including combo cleaner), all showing up clean.
-Drivers/Bios. All updated, flashed, and good to go.
-I sent it away to a local network/computer repair guy, and $60 later, he couldn't find the issue.(thanks for trying)

Ok, so after all of that, I tried one last thing. I went out and bought a new Wireless NIC, and connected to the network at home. The speeds were exactly the same. Wireless NIC = Wired on-board NIC = Crap.

Anyhow, with knowing all of these things, there are a few obvious questions I need answered:
-Can your on-board network controller cause a separate network card to post similar download speeds, even after one or the other is disabled?
-Can an ISP limit one computer's speed over another, behind a router? (my guess is no...but maybe?)
-I know a virus can even survive a format, but usually they are really invasive. What's the chance that this is the cause? (again my guess is no)
-Can the internal IP have something to do with it?
-What am I not thinking of?

And honestly, without this being ridiculous, if someone can give me a clear-cut solution that doesn't involve "Go buy a new motherboard", I would be more than grateful. And if it does involve getting a new motherboard, well, I would want to know that too. Thanks again.

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