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My System Specs


ok, say i was going to sacrifice 1 cpu fan, would it be the front one or the back one. Common sense to me would be the front most fan. I think the only way to be for sure is just buying the fan, taking off one cpu fan and just compare the temps. Has anyone thought of actually putting a fan outside of the case and having the rad on the case? Get what i mean? If I get enormous drops in temps and only about say 5 degree cpu temp increase It would be fine. It runs cool right now and im probably going to upgrade to an h80. Im going to get nzxt's jet engine but high airflow 200mm fan. 166 cfm but 37.25 dba Im not a silent computer freak because when gaming the noise from the computer doesnt bother you especially with noise canceling surround sound head phones on. I also dont have the computer in my room and sleep with it on. I will try it out soon and tell you how it goes but if you have any other ideas post them. I will try them all.

I dont think i posted my case and if you didnt look at the specs its an nzxt phantom.
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