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Default cooling unit in the way

Hi guys I have a water cooling unit that is set up in a push/pull configuration. I recently noticed a temperature change when gaming and higher fan speeds when gaming on my video card. This happened when I changed the airflow from going out to going in. I noticed a significant decrease in cpu temps but increase in gpu temps. I was thinking about taking off either the back fan or front fan to make way for a 200mm fan that will blow on the gpu. I dont like my fan setup because I have 2 120mm fans that are blowing on 2 7200 rpm hard drives. I dont like that hard drive cooling even exists because with my experience hdd's don not get very hot at all. But hey I dont have all the hdd bays full. Anyway no air is getting on my card and was wondering how big the impact on my cpu would be if I took one fan away. I will have two 200mm on top pushing heat out and 2 120mm fans blowing on the hdd's. I would buy a 140mm to go on the front but I think that would be a waste as it couldnt get to any other components.
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