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Default BlackBerry OS 10

I have to say from being someone whos sitting at home looking at news on this new mobile OS I have to say I'm impressed so far and we've really only seen a few elements of the os so far. The gesutures are a step further than even webOS went, notifications sound good and more than ever this is sounding like an alternative evolutionary path of webOS that Palm didnt take. Theres also the fact that I will be able to buy a portrait slider with a physical keyboard which scores huge points in my book. RIM knows hardware design so I'm also confident in that regards. Right now I am 90% certain that this will be my next phone. The 10% is still praying and hoping for Rubinstien to bring out an Open WebOS device in the fall. So anyone else cheering for RIM again and looking forward to when they actually release their next phone?

I've already stated some of my opinions on the other OSes out there for mobile right now, I loved WebOS, like the look of Windows phones, think iOS is dated and I dont see any evolutionary paths for it, android has improved with ICS but still doesnt fit me well I guess is the only way of saying it. I think that this and Windows phone are actually the OSes right now that have the most potential, not iOS, not android. Lets be honest, what does iOS have apart from apps, android is still quite messy in many regards but with Duarte at the helm of its design it definitely is on better footing than iOS?
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