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Default HWC 2012 Chimp Challenge Rules Thread!! Lets go bananas!!!!

Here it is folks!!!!

1. Each team will fold for 10 days solid for the duration of the contest.

A "Chimp Points" system will be used to determine the placings as follows:
Points system:

There will be three categories - Points, Growth and Conversion:

Points are the # of millions each team produces (120,000,000 is 120 points).
Growth is based off of last year's CC production (essentially, the handicap system we used last year).
Conversion is the amount of points made by the team by their CC user (so monkey_bollocks points/OCAU points*100).

Each category will be "normalised" as follows:
Example numbers

Team A - 120
Team B - 84
Team C - 47
Team D - 103

We take the range (max-min, which = 73). We then use this formula = (points*100/range).

So the scores become:

Team A - 164.4
Team B - 115.1
Team C - 64.4
Team D - 141.1

**edit: Finally, we subtract the lowest score + 10 (64.4 +10) from all teams, to bring the points into a 10-110 range (10 for lowest team, 110 for highest team

Team A = 110
Team B = 50.7
Team C = 10
Team D = 76.7

We add up the totals for each category, and the team with the most points across all three categories wins.

2. Start time for the contest is Tuesday, May 15th at 12pm, Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7).
The finish for the contest is Friday, May 25th at 12pm, Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7).

3. The victor gets to claim the lucky jaded monkey as the prize.
Tales have been told of untold wealth and fame that comes with this.
The victorious team is allowed to display in any honorary fashion the jaded monkey, the losing teams are forbidden to display it.
The losing teams are bestowed the dreaded monkey's paw, which is said to be cursed.
People have been known for have very bad luck with this paw!

4. Team captains and Vice Captains are as follows:
OCF - Captain: David
OCAU - Captain: leroyxx/RETARD/BlueRaven
OCN - Captain: zodac/sweffymo
EVGA - Captain: Drougnor/Xavier Zepherious/Devdog51
CPC & bit-tech - Captain: coolamasta
Hardware Canuks - Captain: chriskwarren/3.0 Charlie
TSC! Russia - Captain: [kane]Enforce/BOSUN
Tech Power Up - Captain: BUCK NASTY

5. In the event of a close race, a Stanford daily_user_summary.txt file will be the official source for points information.

6. Only team captains are allowed to make changes to rules and will be looking out for any "foul play". We should not do anything that hurts the folding project. This includes but is not limited to, priming WUs and installing clients on machines without proper permission.

7. The official folding names are:
OCF - T32monkeys
OCAU - Monkey_Bollocks
OCN - OCNChimpin
CPC & bit-tech - CustomBitChimps
Hardware Canucks - Beavers_Gone_Bananas
TSC! Russia - TSCh!mp
Tech Power Up - ChimPowerUp

8. Have fun and keep it positive.

Stats Page:
Fold for team #54196

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