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My System Specs


For the purpose of this tutorial I will be using a 9800 GTX I normally use as a spare. Please have in mind that, as with most of these, following these steps will void your warrantee.

The first thing is taking the gpu apart, we need to remove all the screws in the back. Have in mind that this may vary depending on the brand of the card, there may be other screws, hooks, cables, etc, so do not force it open if it doesnt easily (although if the card is very old and very dirty it may seem as itīs still hold down by another screw when really itīs just the thermal paste).

Once that is done we need to remove all stickers and clean the surface.

This really depends on the card itself, sometime you may get lucky, others... well... letīs just say I spent a few hours cleaning and sanding down this one.

The next step is to paint it, for paint techniquest, preparation, types and so on, check the first post of this thread which links to the main tutorial thread where all this is explained in detail.

Once ready, we put it all togueter again. Remember to remove the old thermal paste and aply some new one. About the trim, thatīs really up to you if you want to change it. In my case it seemed in decent enough shape so didnīt bother changing it.

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