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Well I feel kinda dumb because the stuff I read yesterday seems to have vanished completely from the place it was... but from what I cam remember about what I read they talked about how because the core is more energy efficient it will not be needing extraneous PSU cables plugged into it. And that because the chip is smaller it will be easier for them to eventually put more of them on a single card. They are already thinking about a 4 core beast if I am remember what I read at all correctly. But yeah as someone who has been lusting over an 8800 for a long time with these cards coming out and at a price that puts them fairly close to the 8800 makes me VERY curious. At the very least it might drive the 8800's prices down a wee bit... What the where does this optimism come from?> just when I think I have exterminated it all more just rears its cheerful head.... Where did I put the baseball bat with the rusty nails through it...
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