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My System Specs


Well, I ended up testing a few experimental configurations that came with the upgrade to the newer 2040 DP67BG bios( the one my mb came with was the 9100). The upgrade included a new "overclocking assistant" option to the performance tab that automatically overclocks the system to a number of preset speeds. I tried the one that increases clock speeds to 4GHz and, while it remained stable for a couple of hours, the amount of heat it was generating was just too much for my taste( low to mid 70s). I used the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and the MX-4 Artic Cooling thermal compound but apparently that wasn't enough to keep my temps under 70. My case's airflow might not be the best either ( I am using the EZCOOL A-180) but ultimately I don't know why my processor produced so much heat for what is generally considered a very mild overclock. The other thing is ambient temperatures in the country I live have been through the roof lately, with a great deal of heat and humidity throughout the day and the place I live at does not have air conditioning.

Do you have any advice as to what I could do to reach 4ghz and keep my temps to at least mid to high sixties?

thanks in advance
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