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Default Monkeyyy's first build :)

Hey guys,

So I've been busy recently so I haven't been able to post some of the pic's I did on my new build.

CPU: FX-1820
GPU: Sapphire HD7950
PSU: AX850
RAM: G.Skill sniper 2133Mhz
SSD: 128GB M4
MB: Sabertooth 990FX
COOLER: Noctua NH-D14
HDD: existing 500GB and 2TB western digital
Case: HAF-X

picture of some of the goodies:

Did a little test bench to make sure everything ran fine. found out that there was a fan header cracked but I was able to trade it in for a new one:

The motherboard connector didn't quite get to the motherboard, and didn't like the black and yellow. ended up doing sleeving for the first time. didn't buy enough of it so i only did half of it haha

Also sleeved the ends of the system panel connectors from the case. now that i see it, i need to get closer to the connector. and add some heat shrink to that cable to the left.

This is with the stock cooler, haven't had time to get some snaps with the noctua:

Finally got my stuff from Ncix. Added the Noctua in and a set of bitfenix LED lights:

Also added a bitfenix spectre pro 140mm fan in the drive bays. wanted to have some air flow for the cpu cooler:

Final pictures:

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