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Default Best single slot and dual slot(with short cooler) air cooled cards for folding

As the title says, I am looking for suggestions wrt what cards to use in the upcoming CC!
Last year I crammed in a Radeon HD5750 to run games while folding on my GTX460 and a GF9600GSO.. but I no longer have that 5750 nor any similarly performing cards for running games and the 9600GSO is a pretty low PPD card. As are the GT220, GF8600GT, and Radeon 3850 I also have floating around.

tbh I could get by without running many games atm and just borrow a few hours from the 460 that week to run GTLegends and things would be good. That way I can fold on three cards instead of just two!

At the moment it looks like I could use the GTX460, 9600GSO and GT220.. but.. not much PPD. :/ It would be great to replace the 9600 and gt220.
I cannot run two dual slot cards of modern size because the second one blocks _all_ of my onboard SATA ports if it is the same shape and size as a ref GTX460.
So I am looking for options for:
a) Two single slot cards.
b) single slot card and a dual slot card with short cooler.

The motherboard I am working with is a Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H with the end of the bottom 1x PCI-E slot cut out. Making my available slots listed below.
I have a Corsair TX750W, so powering a bunch of these older/slower cards is not very difficult.

PCI-E 1x (limited by NB heatsink and will be used my my RAID 0 setup anyway)
PCI-E 16x (GTX460)
PCI-E 1x (GTX460 cooler)
PCI-E 1x (cut end, can take a large single slot card)
PCI-E 16x (can take a long card but limited by SATA ports on the end requiring a skinny end)
PCI 32bit (cooler for above, but even further limited by SATA ports.)
PCI 32bit (sound card)

So, what cards should I request in my BST thread that would be suitable?
Or should I just stick with a 15k PPD or so ballpark figure and use the GTX460, 9600GSO & GT220?
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