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Default considering corsair h80

Hi guys I have a asetek 550lc and want to replace it. I was first planning on an h100 but the motherboard would conflict because on my nzxt phantom 200 mm fans. I wouldnt be able to mount 120mm below for push/pull configuration. Im considering on an h80 because it gets about the same cooling performance atleast on reviews. My 550 i hear is about the same as a h50 and my temperatures are fine but there is not such thing as to cool and am not going to assemble a custom loop for just a cpu as I dont have waterblocked gpu's. I am not sure about a performance difference between the 550lc and the h80. I know the 550 is probably not very popular at all and is considered a...low end watercooling unit? Im hoping for atleast a 10 degree difference but that might be pushing i dont know. My cpu at idle is 30 degrees lowest core being 17 degrees this is with window open. Window closed it raises 5 degrees. When gaming it gets 45 degrees on the hottest core. Any feedback is awesome and in the future I want to learn about this custom looping and stuff all ive used is this 550 and a no brand cpu cooler than i got with my ibuypower system. Im into assembling my own computers now though. (unless you get an erebus on ibuypower THERE COOLING OPTIONS SUCK i figured out lol) they say there h60 IS HIGH PERFORMANCE?????what age are they living in. Sorry about the ranting im typing everything that coems into my head. But yeah you can look at my specs on my other cpu i get 45 degrees idling on my 960. Low end watercooling unit and lexa s case kinda add to that. I dont get very good airflow in my lexa s. Yeah thanks this is a lot and am not even going to re read or paragraph and stuff its 2:00 am and im tired.
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