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Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
Then seems that I am not a phone modder :P
I really don;t like to flash phone rom since if it goes wring it`s a good 400$ in the trash.
You should really look into it if an official update is not coming. I would imagine its the most popular (if the S2 is not) phone out there. Lots of resources, with a high reward. I wonder if having ICS on it would help its value?

Originally Posted by bissa View Post
aww, they got my hopes all up like that.
when it does come out, will the samsung kies program have the "firmware upgrade" button lit up? or is the fact that it's greyed out mean that I can't modify my phone?
The thing I have been reading is that this is possibly just Samsung announcing that it has been released to carriers. Could be some time yet before it ends up on our devices (I hope this is wrong of course).
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