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Default graphics card power consumption

hello, im from portugal, in my country we care about power consumption because we pay 23% of IVA in the eletricity bill so we are all time screwed

i cant have any GPU, im thinking on this graphics cards:


i searchead on many websites, and i still dont have any conclusion because every one have a different result..

i need change my nvidia 9600gt 512mb that uses 59W(eco version=lol), my system is:

core 2 duo e8400 3.0ghz | 2gb ddr2|, |motherboard foxconn|, |display LG 18.5 LED 1360x768|

my cpu is good to me, i dont want change cpu,
i will change my "normal" power supply to corsair cx430, how many watts can i gain with this change?

what you think about this 3 graphics cards, with the resolution that i use what GPU can i buy that dont use more than 100watts, and low in IDLE,

can you make a video with this 3 graphics cards to know what power consumption they really use? what gpu should i buy? can be another, but i want a good gpu mutch better than my 9600gt,

thanks, sorry for my english
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