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Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
You guys do recall that RIM made a $700-billion profit in just the first quarter of 2011, and still has a profit margin of over 33% in the last quarter? It's not doing well in North America, but it's hitting both the low-end/emerging market well (see Indonesian stampedes) and the ridiculously high-end market (see custom models in the UAE).

While it certainly has failed to adapt as quickly as it should have, it's not dying anytime soon.
It's the fact that RIM isn't meeting the profit goals they are putting out, so people are crying wolf and expecting to see RIM go the way of Nortel (which actually wasn't turning profits).

Also, netbooks are dead due to the fact that you can get a tablet that is just as powerful, better looking and has about the same or better battery life.
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