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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Prolab View Post
FYI, the dual swap bay rail holes are an oddity. I took it off and put my BR drive on that rail and none of the holes matches my drive.
Are you saying that I will not be able to mount anything but the default 2.5 swappable container that comes pre installed in the tower? hmm that's a good heads up.

The 4200 RPM fans were the same price as the 1850 ones so I figured I would get the faster ones and just use a fan controller to turn them down when I am on idle. The 3 fans are on my triple radiator and they cool just my cpu which isn't even overclocked right now so yea I could always switch the fans. The problem is I already spent 25 dollars each on those fans and I rather not just toss them away or try and sell them for cheap. To be honest I don't know much about water cooling and my friend helped me buy all the parts and put it together, he came to the conclusion that I needed a 50 watt per channel fan controller to be able to power them so that's why I said I needed the 50 watts.

Also, I currently don't care about my setup which is why it's not overclocked so I am thinking about the near future and compatibility I will need in order to have no problems installing my current water cooling. I could always get slower fans but I'll be getting dual hydro video cards in the future also, so I think keeping faster fans is better. I don't have a push/pull configuration either it's just 3 fans on a triple radiator. I don't know how much of a difference slower fans will make but i'll probably be using the same radiator to cool my cpu and dual video cards later on.
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