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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
Can I ask what effect weapons actually have on characters like the wizard, or it seemed even the monk? I equipped a dagger at one point to the wizard, said it boosted arcane something or other, and yet the attacks didnt change, were still the basic ranged magic missile. Do weapons have an effect on the attack abilities or is it only if you fall back to the stock attack button?
Since all abilities are based off weapon damage, it influences that. For example, if you have a regular dagger it may be 5-7 dmg. One with the arcane modifier listed of (example) 1-3 would change that exact same dagger to 6-10 dmg. So an ability that does 200% weapon damage would do 10-14 with the first weapon, and 12-20 with the second.

Or so I was led to believe in my forum digging, as always see my disclaimer below before blasting me cause I'm wrong ;)
My Disclaimer to any advice or comment I make;
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