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cost 1k and that is apparently what it is worth, and that is what people will pay
This isn't quite accurate.

They are charging $1000. My guess is their cost is porbably somewhere around $6-700.

What they are worth? Value is not an absolute, but relative. A $1000 video card may be excellent value to someone with a 6 figure salary or needs it to develope the greatest next animated classic. Or it may be extremely poor value for someoen who just want to check mail, read the web, paly an occasional game with average quality settings.

What people will pay depends on their wallets (or their parents wallets), their suceptibility to the "gotta have latest greatest" syndrome, and their definition of value.

Is it a nice card - sure. Is it good quality - undoubtedly. Is it a good value - maybe for the 1% or less (my guess statistic) that can drop $1k on a video card.

I think this is more trying to wring every cent from the hype as they can before the 110's arrive.
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