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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LoTech View Post
Nice card, but out of my league. Any news yet on 670's or 660's? Also nice to have the worlds fastest card, but can it fold???
I can't find the article but last night I read one stating that the 690 will be on store shelves on May 3rd and they have a reveal happening on May 7th which I assume is the 670.

Originally Posted by bgf View Post
I was waiting for the two dual cards before I make up my mind. But Nvidia seems to have made up my mind for me. Charging a $1000.00 price they have just priced them selves out of the market. Don't forget we get to pay GST and PST on top of their idiotic price. So if the AMD comes in at $780 as rumored addition taxes will be lower and I will purchase that card. Thanks for being such jerks Nvidia you are playing the role as always.
Really? I don't understand this. They are jerks for charging the same price as 2 580's which will consume less power and make less heat/noise? I mean, I understand that we all want a gtx 690 but the reality is it cost 1k and that is apparently what it is worth, and that is what people will pay. No different then running 2 580's in SLi.
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