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My System Specs


Sorry I won't have any new hardware for the CC (still waiting on my old stuff to croak), but what I'll do is switch my primary rig (Core i5 2500k) from Windows to native Linux and move my GTX 550Ti to fold uninterrupted on my "HTPC".

Part one complete AND I'm feeling better playing the F@H game rather than random "entertainment" PC games. I'll be attempting to cook my Agena 9950 again, but this time with a Gigabyte GTX 550Ti dumping some extra heat into there

One thing though - replace the BTF90 with a CoolerMaster GeminII. The GeminII is better suited as a downdraft cooler to put air over the bare VRMs for the 3.0GHz overclock I'm holding on the Phenom 9950.
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