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My System Specs


Thanks Keywork.

A couple things I forgot to add to the original post.

I cannot mount the 360 radiator on the shroud yet because somehow my tecnofront airbox 360 was missing the 5mm m4 threaded screws. Thankfully the kind folks at FrozenCPU quickly responded to my email and said it will be sorted out on monday. I've also ran into a mounting problem in the rear of the case. The Black Ice Stealth GT 120 is 133 mm wide but the case only has about 125-127 mm of room back there. I tried mounting the fan between the case and rad in a pull configuration but the radiator still sticks out about 1 mm preventing me from easily closing my case door.

I figure I have 2 options. a) extend the mounting holes 1mm to the side in order to fit the rad, but this might pose a problem with my I/O ports. b) I can mount it outside the case. I prefer not to do this though. or c) sell it and get an xspc which has better dimensions. I never even thought to check that just assuming it would fit. That would be a real easy way out though..... no fun in that.

I hope someone can chime in on this but, does mounting the 120 in the just pull configuration reduce performance? Or should I turn the fan around and blow air into the case considering hot air won't be venting out the back with a water cooled video card.
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