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My System Specs

Default Watercooled Bitfenix Shinobi

The beginning of my journey. This is my first adventure in water cooling as well as case modding. No crazy mods happening here but I got a couple cool ones in mind. I switched my parts from an mATX gaming rig over to this. Mainly because I have a hardcore upgrade gimme gimme new stuff ooh ooh shiny i want bug. 2nd because I am a n00b to home building my own PC and I didn't really know exactly what I wanted the first and second time around. This will be my 3rd 'build revision' in about a year. Pretty much only keeping my cpu, psu and ssd. My wife ain't too happy about that LOL. Now I know though. I want A bad@ss watercooled gaming rig, that's not too massive and has a window. 3rd because I would like to overclock my video card along with my cpu and not have it sound like I'm sitting beside an insane turbo charged honda civic or something of the likes.

So I have been collecting my water cooling parts here and there from here and kijiji and recently received my shipment from FrozenCPU. Here's a pic of most my goodies so far. I might be selling the 6970 and wb because I am dying to see what all the nvidia hype is all about.

So here we go. Who knows what we will run into.

The case

This is what I will be cutting out. I ended up cutting this exactly with exception to not doing rounded corners(3rd time only using the dremel). I then had to go back and remove all of the middle fan mounts.

I ended up making the rivet holes for the optical bays a bit larger so it can fit the screws for mounting the top fan, while securing the top portion of the rad/fans to the case.

So you might say, Pabz, you removed all of the optical drive bays and HDD bays. Well. I will tell you this. I am simply not a storage user. Never have been. Probably never will be. I don't download. I only game and browse and I want to be a good overclocker:D. My machine has been running off a single 128gb SSD. I haven't even filled it up half way yet. If I ever need to, I will just get a 2nd SSD which will be easily mounted with the first one. As for optical bay. I have only ever used it for my win 7 cd. No biggie to open the case and plug it in.

Don't hate. :P

That's all for now. Thanks for checkin it out. Please comment and let me know thoughts suggestions questions and constructive crits.
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